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Oriental Bellydance

The oriental dance has already a very long history and offers the breath of the mysterious orintal culture with turban and veils. Belly-dancing, that has fall in however with eroticism, harem and Eunuches becomes there some at once to do .
Erotically is the belly-dancing but not of course also however so like many think,who confuse the oriental dance with striptease, even if today in diverse club so somewhat in oriental kind is offered.
Originally this kind of the dance comes from Egypt and Mesopotamia, the old orient. In the Egypt to the time of the Pharaohs the dancers have as well as still down to the 19. Century in Part or completely bare danced. At least behind locked doors.

Dancers and Musicans at the 18. Pharaonic Dynasty

Man should consider however, that to that time of Egypt and the orient was not yet was stamped as greatly Moslem fundamentally as today and in many old cultures it was normal, that also women clothed went above without or solely with shining through materials, as well as today still many Naturally people however also usually again some tourists at the sunny sandy beaches.
In a culture, where many women (must) wrap on to the eyes here body, offers a dancer which unrestricted stomach and legs shows the public predominantly from men existing pure eroticism.

The oriental dance was subjected in his well more than Seven thousand years history how so much other also of course many changes. The designation belly-dancing is not indeed easily misleading for ultimately exists this dance exclusively of movements of the stomach and the hip. Like the most other dances also is involved the entire body and to a high degree also the poor and hands.

Matahari - Dancer and Agent (+1917)

Oriental belly-dancing is believe more than many people abundant, is this however solely the designation for many dances included the many FVolkloric dances of the Moslem oriental regions at the earth. For us Central Europeans belongs this dance to the orient like mosques and the crescent or Kalifes, Djins and magicians from the "Arabian Nights".
And what would be a vacation in the Turkey, Arabia or north Africa without the belly-dancing show in the hotels Discotheque or at the poolside to take some Photo, filming or for dancing by self to to oriental rhythms.

Typical Haremsszene of 19. Century Oriental-Painter
(Jean Leon Gerome - The Dance of the Almeh

Since the eighties of the past century has itself beside Aerobic, Jazztance and more. also in many westerns countries the oriental dance establishes and found many active followers, from which you can meet some here on these pages.
Let bewitch you...


The nice Lady in the background i saw at the Orient-Magazin festival 2000 in Germany. She dance there in the Group of "Allat Dalanda (Daughters of the Goodmother of the Sun)"
This Group of seven teachers and one student comes from the area around Kolonia in Germany.


Mata Hari
Dancer, Kurtisane, Spyer, Femme fatale - really the legendary doubbleagent between germany and france, or only an adventurer and swindler who build her own mythe in a dangerous time so she must perish?



The oriental dancer's Portrait
Dancers imagine and describe their way to the oriental dance in word and picture



Showtime - Pictures of Dancers from Germany, Europe and the middle east. Part 1 and Part 2



Orienta - The big oriental dance trade in Frankfurt at the Main-River Germany
A Story from the Show of 1997 with Pictures from many German dancers .



Links to Homepages from Studios, Dancers, Accessoireshops, Magazines and more in the oriental Internetscene



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