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Some words

If one argues intensely with a certain theme, it begins after some time always more influence on the personal fate to have.
That counts for active members of unions just as for the stamp collector and hobby gardeners. Always more the hobby come with the time in the daily life and so some has made it even already to the profession.
One does not do this knowingly, it simply emerges.

So is me today the north African city of Cairo and the life in Egypt so trust like how my home town Frankfurt at the Main River in Germany and the pyramids of Ghisa I see within a year more often as the Roman mountain (city hall of Frankfurt) or the Frankfurt cathedral.
Many of my friends and acquaintance originate today from Egypt and other Arabic states, are be Moslems or live There. The apartment in Hurghada at the red sea has replaced the hotel room.

Abu Simbel

That has advantages, bring however also much work and so some problems who tourists which travel as package tour never knows. The Roomservice comes never to the bed window-dressing and the breakfasts buffet is much smaller. Besides are package dealings often more favorably than a simple plane ticket. But... one sleeps in the own bed and needs in the Airplane only small luggages.
If one would like an unusual and interesting life has this just also disadvantages.
Many may lie the Fly-in-the-sun-and-only-beach vacation, Others make activities, want country and people getting to know, learn something o about the culture and win each quantity of impressions. Like one it also always fashions the main is that it is delight.

The interested party finds here so I hope in any case inspirations, interesting and information to different themes from the present like the medieval and ancient orient affect, which his fascination not has lost until today. Useful for the traveler, interesting for the curious, unusual for that one, which pass by only.

I wish all them itself have taken some time an interesting while on my pages and hope you have here found some oasis to refresh your Mind..

   Said Bustany (H. Gaertner)

Text finally revises in June 2014

Said Bustany


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