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A new "night of the pyramids"



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A new "night of the pyramids"

Cairo - An already well known topic is discussed in pertinent Internet-Forums again.
So, Zahi Hawass, the boss of the Egyptian antiquity-administration shall announced during a lecture in Germany a renewed live-TV from the Cheopspyramid in Cairo.

Already in September 2002, the live TV spectacle had directed much attention an interested public to the monuments in the city at the Nile.
The trip with a robot in one of the two shafts, which from the king-chamber in North and South-direction in each case diagonally upward was skilfully staged serve to the public.
After the program, however also much criticism was practiced at the project. Became subordinated the receptions from the shaft so for example would not have been sent live but been already drawn to a former time.
Surely, also the disappointment has appeared here over that, which was found ultimately, The spectacular examination of the South-shaft with the robot had promoted after a cylinder bore through the shaft's sedentary limestone-plate only an empty chamber with another Shutter-Stone from limestone to light on the other hand in the end.
Finance and marketed was the project at that time by the magazine National Geographic.

The Pyramids of Gisah near Cairo be also by night a famous scene
Photo © 2010 H. Gaertner

Whether there will now be a " night of the pyramids " again, Zahi Hawass however its open with spectacular publications on the ancient Egypti Buildings and Tombs again and again then reminds has expressed itself to the topic since then no longer.
Not long ago had worried Hawass with a DNS and paternity-test at the mummy of the Tut Anch Amun for furor.
One found out that approximately Pharaoh Echnaton (Amenophis IV) 1351 - 1324 b.v. Chr., was the biological father of the child-king.
As his mother was identified a female mummy known as „Disciple Madam" from the grave with the name KV35 in the valley of the kings. Whether it is here about the mummy of the legendary queen Nofretete or one of the concubines from Echnaton with the name Kija to determine however also by DNA-comparisons not will be, since from Nofretet no relatives known can enforce an alignment with their DNS.
The secret which Nofretete surrounds, a long time becomes so no Dissolution or is also decode never


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