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Information and Services

At this side you finde some helpful Things.
Many Links to Searchengines in the www with search from this sides.
A List with Adresses from Bellydancemagazines, Studios, Accessoirshops, and Dancers ... All around the oriental Dance and more.
Oriental artists Names and her meaning
nice cliparts
And an Carlendar with Events, Shows and Televisiontips.



1000and1's Event - Carlendar, where goes something on. You can publish your Event for free.



Adresses and Contact data from Dancers, Studios, special Bellydanceshops around the world.


Leave a nice greeting and write something in it Guestpapyrus
(Advertisement, abusive entries and abusive become immediately cancelled)



Viruses, Trojans, spam and more - How functions this really and what can I besides the application of Virusscanners and Firewalls still do against her dissemination.



The 1000and1 Downloadsite icluding the Screensaver and the Sreensaver "Egyptian Nights".



Cliparts - Animated or fixed oriental, arabian and Egypt cliparts for publishing, your Documents, greetingcards or own Homepage.



Your dance now is very good, but you need a nice Artist-Name ! Here maybe you can find it.



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