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Viruses, Trojans and other scoundrel

Well each has gotten already a virus with some E-Mail and hopefully not through a fast mouseclick invited on his computer.

That is annoying, even if the Antivirsoftware them hopefully in a current version is installed, has recognized and destroy the parasite.

In the modern fairy tale "Momo" which also was filmed, fights the little girl "Momo" against the mysterious black men, which in the appearance at the man in black or matrix remind, if these films emerged also first later, always with dark sunglasses in a black suit. These black men steal the people the time and give these no more back.
Viruses, Trojans, Dialer, Spam and Hoaxes are the time stealing black men of the Internet.

Alone here existence harms us, even when we get personally quite no virus for indirectly let us pay all Money, since Provider and diverse enterprises must spend time and money with it the Internet through these parasites is sabotaged and have not function finally. Each user pays this money finally over most different fees from his pocket.

What can you do against this.

Your own computer is hopefully through Firewalls, a Virusscanner and the newest Updates at best protected

Can we do still more?

Through his conduct while surfing in the Internet and particularly at the own Website therefore one favors own small Homepage unknowingly the dissemination of parasites of each kind.

How does a virus work so altogether.

If the parasite has be nested in the PC, he begins his dark machination.

  • He shut down all Antiviruses Software at the computer.

  • The same he do with the Firewall, them normally prevents, if during the computer is joined with the Internet somebody or something without that you notice this become the control over your computer or install files in the back.

  • He create his own Mail-Machine, so that he can send secretly E-Mails as soon to the Internet.

    To be able to spread even in the Internet needs a virus E-Mail addresses, to be able to do itself there sending. These addresses has made available each it be in the Internet also only a page looked at has the virus. Apart from the E - Mail - addresses of all acquaintances and friends in the Mailsoftware, alike whether these stand in the Adressboock of the Mailsystem or stands written in a Mail. Each Site which you looks at becomes from the Browser, which is today to 90% the Internetexplorer in the Cache for a certain time store around the the next visit of this page once more all contained Pictures, texts and more have to get over the direction , which works, as would be the Internet faster than it is. And here in the cache the virus find many more Mailadresses.

    To be not discovers so quickly he take always two addresses, one as falsified dispatcher and an other to spread there. That is the reason it can occur also, that you get some E-Mail with a virus from yourself personally. Or it come in a message with the content, that a Mail could not be delivered (Wrong Adress), although you has nothing send to this Adress.
    Such virus is just also not perfect.

    So the parasite find in the Internet bilions of E - mail - addresses. He recognize Mailadresses that these are all marked with the only for this used sign @ , which his work makes Him very simply. If some visitor leaves his Emailadress in some Guestbook is this very practical, also for all viruses. That equal counts for each Homepage which contains Mailadresses.

    Here we can contribute it, the dissemination of such parasites unnecessarily not to favor

    If you write instead of

    my_name at

    Or we replaces that @ through an other sign e.g. that $ for this sign might like that @ on all keyboards and in all national fonts Worldwide is available.


    Now a virus recognizes no Emailadress, since he looks for the sign @. So written for him the Emailadresse is only simple text and not interestingly A small explanation about this in the text of a Mail to this fact in a sentence suffices around the reader that make for has more intelligence than each virus, trojan or Searchengines of some Spammers.

    Also this variant might be possible, in that one leaves before and behind that @ a blank.

    my_name @

    At my own Homepage I have my Emailadress which once earlier on each page was available replace through some contact form and reaches alone through this measure, that instead of 80 viruses Daily in the meantime only still between 8 to 15 arrive. Bei meiner eigenen Homepage habe ich meine Mailadresse welche früher auf jeder Seite einmal vorhanden war durch ein einziges Kontaktformular ersetzt und alleine durch diese Massnahme erreicht, daß anstatt 80 Viren Täglich mittlerweile nur noch zwischen 3 bis 5 ankommen bei sinkender Tendenz.

    Only who really want to write opens this page and has then only still one times my Emailadress at his computer stored.

    This is also the reason, that I take away at all emailadresses at this Homepage and exchange the sign @ against the sign $. That makes of course somebody who want to write a E-Mail at a so changed address a little work. The substitute sign must prevailed respectively become through that @ replaced however but I think the the success gives me right. A Adresslist with several hundred addresses is normally however a right crazy virus paradise.

    The for privates application free software@Antivir to Download it is a current version, but still accomplish immediately after the installation an Update over the Internet.

  • H. Gärtner - November 01. 2005



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