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The middle East and Africas north

If you hear in Radio or television some about the middle east you mostly hear only some about the iraq, iran Israel, Palestinensians and the peace or war in middle east. But this countries only three of many countries in this region of the World and Israel is smaller like most of his neighbours countries.
The political situation of this region can make travelling hard and dangerous but his scenery has so much faszination and the heritages from some of the oldest cultures of the world make it very interresting to go there and see it.
Bad streets, heat, sand and some other like diarrhea (you becam it to 90 procent) makes all time a adventure for you, also if you only want to see the temples at the nile river, the Pyramides and so on.
But you becam for this expeience at best. Mountains, Desserts, oases, citys with markets and basars like the stories of the arabian nights. You enter a time who is gone a long time ago.

The red sea between Saudi-Arabia, Israel and Egypt and in the south the Sudan with a temperature in water like 35 degree celsius offers you big coral-reefs with many many colours and many kind of fishes corals so you find most of them only at this place. All time of the year you can dive here. The sun shines all time and from November to February there is a temperature of 22 degree in middle.

From Europe its only a time from 4 1/2 to 6 hours by plane, so you see many tourists from hole Europe there for diving or only join the sun.





Luxor, the ancient Theben Some historically working photographs of the city at the Nile.


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Weather is always a theme
Whom does it not interest, as the weather is at the vacation spot as a rule so and will be well.
In the countries of Northern Afrika, the middle east and the Arabic island it is of course almost warm and sunny, however also to large heat can take the stay quickly to a torment. With this lists you can take the indices of supreme and lowest average temperatures per month as well as the amount the possible days with rain.
Often is even the time of the European winter with raw rainy weather the best time for a vacation, maybe at the Christmastime in Egypt at the red sea, with mild climate and temperatures to 25 degrees celsius.

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