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The ancient Theben at the Nile river

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Luxor, the main city at the pharaonic Theben.
Here resided dynasties of Egyptian sovereigns for many mileniums.
At the east bank of the Nile the city of the persons and at the west bank the cities of the dead with the valley of the kings (Biban El Maluk), the valley of the queens, countless temples, how about the temple of Hatschepsut, which offers also today still a grandiose sight. Not far of it "Dair El Medina" the ancient city of the workmen (servant at the place of the truth), that artist which from the time it 19. Dynasty created the wonderful rock graves in the both valleys, which one had chosen because of the natural pyramid form of an over it convenient mountain as entrance in the empire of the dead for the Pharaohs.

A typical street coffee
The favorite whereabouts of the Egyptian men.
Here they drinks a Chai (black sweet tea) and smokes to it a Schischa (water pipe) with aromatic honey or fruit tobacco

The temple of Luxor looking over the Nile river

An old Nile ferry, which brings well already since many years the passengers whit it loudly old engine from banks to banks.

The Nile river at Luxor,
the lifeline of Egypt and second longest current of the earth

The Nile is called also river of the Gods and that for good reason.
Without the Water and the fruitful mud he bring along, which it leads would have been able to emerge from the rainy areas of the Ethiopian highland with itself in this country existing otherwise only from meager deserts and mountain ranges where it rains as well never. (Only 6% of Egypt are habitable) The vegetation stripe along the Nile is in the means only six thousand feet broad, at some places even only few feets. The desert begins as with the ruler pulled and without passage, which offers a strange and unusual sight.

Bazar at the Riverside.
At the boarding dock of the Nile ferry dealers are offering all kinds of food and products during the passengers which waiting to the next ship

In the narrow alleys of Luxor bustle rules always actively

A spice dealer waits for clientele for his abundant offer of aromatic herbs and spices

The time-honored
Old Winterpalace hotel,
here became
Agatha Christiés
famous novel "death on the Nile" films
It is famous for his wonderful park with rare trees and plants

The Colosses of Memnon are watching at the way to the valley of the kings.
Once they lined the entrance to one the ground equalized today even completely disappeared temple of Pharaoh Amenophis III.

The Ramsiseum, a Tempele, builded by Ramsis II (Theben West)

Granite head of a statue of it Ramses II (Ra-meses) King Ramsis let build in it 19. Dynasty a many of temples and buildings.

Also after over 3500 years clay brick vaults of a palace stand still.
More than 1.277.500 days long From it mercilessly in the desert hot burning sun, became them black and hard as concrete

Like a fairy tale lock the impressive temple of the Queen Hatschepsut in the end of the narrow valley.
On the reverse of this valley on the other side of the rock wall the famous valley of the kings is found.



© H. Gaertner 2001


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