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Showtime part 1
© Pictures by H. Gärtner - Dancers from Egypt
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December 2001 - Oriental-Show in the Hotel Arabia (Hurghada)
December 2002 - Show in the "Tent 30" (Secalla/Hurghada red sea)
August 2003 - russian Dancers (The Russian Show)
April 2004 - Nubian Dancegroup
April 2004 - The Dancer "Mona Lisa" Tent 30 (Secalla/Hurghada)
April 2004 - Derwish-Dancer - Danura, Tent 30 (Secalla/Hurghada)
April 2004 - Oriental Show, Tent 30 (Secalla/Hurghada)
Dance-costume from Nubia-Upper in Upper-Egypt (Aswan)
The Dancer "Hanin" from the nubian Group "Nubi Ka Star" Hurghada

The pane from raffia puts symbolically
like a basket with agricultural crops (Tomato and cucumber
belong to each Egyptian meal).

"Nubi" is the old Egyptian word for gold. The region the Nile cataracts between Aswan to
Khartoum in the Sudan was at Pharaonic time the Gold-country of Egypt.
Much gold jewelry is typically for nubian women,
today however through jewelry from metal symbolizes.
Showtime part 1


Harald Gärtner (Said Bustany) 2004

All Pictures by H.Gärtner ©



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