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Mehndi - Henna Gallery

Here a gallery of beautiful Hennatattoos, which we gotten sent and some of my own paintings for your inspiration.

Do you want to present your own Tattoos here an interested public?
Mail us also your pictures : E-Mail


Claudia wrote:
here my left hand with Tatoo from Egypt. Unfortunately, Forefingers and middle fingers have already faded.


Nina wrote:
Enclosed a crazy henna work of art. Unfortunately I have not made it personally. It is a wedding trimming, I have gotten it in Kenya as present.

Many greetings Nina


Kurt from belgium write:
Hello, here are a few of my own henna-tattoo's of wich I'm very proud. Hope you will share them.

Greetings from Kurt


Hello 1000and1 Team!

Today I would like to send you some of my henna Paintings.
All works are freestyled, and immediately from the tube emerged. I hope you find them beautifully.

Many greetings yours Rainer


Here still some own arts - Design Said Bustany
In the face
on the hand
on Arm
Both hands
Small application at the leg
Ornamentic - arm
Ornamentic - hand
On Leg
(The knuckle was here
included in the ornament)
Lizard at the arm


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