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Mehndi - Henna Tatoo's

When you spend your Holidays in Northafrica or India you can see some People with Hennapainting. At first it looks like a real Tattoo but Mehnditattoos less her colour and vanish after 3 or 4 Weeks.
Mehndi Hennatatoo
Hennapainting on Hand


Hennapainting on the Body specially at the Hands, Arms or Feets has in this Countries a verry long tradition. You can get it also for coloring the Hair red.

At the Beach or the Swimming Pool sometimes you can see woman with Tattoos they looking out half of the Bikini. Little Roes or Butterflys and more. They sppend a lot of Money for this Tattoos but nowhere ca see this nice Things on this places.

A Mehnditattoo is ideal for this People. After 4 Weeks its vanish and you can paint a new one wih other design on an other Place at your Body.
The Hennaplant is a thorny shrub. You find it in Africa, Asia and Australia. Many blossoms are sitting at the end of the twigs in red, pink, white and sometimes yellow or gold color. The aroma is like Roses or Jasmin.

ANDREA in Arabischer Ornamentik The favorite Plantages for Henna are in India Egypt or the Sudan. The light green colored Hennapowder comes from the leafs of the plant.
You can buy Henna as no colering for health, red or black and some special for coloring Hairs red.

Normaly the color you becam is orangered to a brown red, if you use black henna its a dark redbrown color. It would be darker when you let stay it a longer time on the skin or in the hair. The color and darknes is dependent from the kind of skin or Hair to.

For painting on skin you can buy some ready mixed past in tubes or you can prepair a past by yourself with black tea and Water but the past must be a very long time on skin and must be dump the hole time for best result. You can do this with fresh lemmonjuice with Sugar in it. Take it over the painting all hour and put some cotton and plastic over it to be ware. In Egypt some Hennapainters take a past who give good Results in only 1 to 2 hours. But with this is the same, if longer on skin if better result. Ornament1
In islamic countries no Animals pictures would paint, the holy Coran permit not pictures of People or Animals.
Ornament2 They paint only ornaments of flowers and symbols right on the bodies limbs. In India it gif for health, future, love the natural powers and so on some special symbols at favour by marriage for the woman.
Names written in arabic looks very exotic with many nice decorations and products of fantasy at the peripheral.
On this side you can see some examples of ornamentic and arabic written names.
SANDRA in Arabischer Ornamentik You can paint and design, whatever can be painted if you have enough fantasy If you have designed some Mehndi and you mean its very good, you can send me a picture as Mail. (Please JPG formated lower than 80 KB) E-Mail
If you have a nice painting you can refresh it, bevore you loose it. Refresh it with new Henna. Henna is not dangerous for our heatlh and you can paint often as you like. Ornament3
But refresh an old Tattoo not more than one time, after this it looks not longer nice, after this the pheriphery looks not longer sharp as before.


You find some nice picture examples here in our Hennagallery !



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