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Tapestry from the orient
Skillfully to pictures tied Tapestrys with oriental motives
are telling over the life of many ages


The art to tie carpets has in all oriental countries around the World from Asia to China a many centurys old tradition.
Normally working pattern have them complicated meanings and symbolism, which often come from the religion of the Islam They often symbolize a mosque and offer religious symbolism, thought as substitute of the place of worship, if one has to perform no possibility to pray.
The here copied Tapestrys contradict really the prohibition to copy of some person in the Islam, although also these copies originate here from a islamc country.
Das Fenster
Der Basar
Bazaarscenes are sold nowadays gladly artistically.
Sooner a rare motive, a look behind the otherwise locked doors of a harem.
Evidently unrestricted the ladies give themselves however apart from her servant, the harems enuche and the Boss will discern no male eye per them countenance.
Das Fenster
Der Harem
On the street the Mrs. must run modestly and deeply disguises in seemly distance behind their spouse, while he transact his businesses.
Usually the driving is mastered on the bazaar and in the streets during the day by men. Only at home the Mrs. wears mostly until today the trouserss.
Together sit, play, drinking tea, smoke a Waterpipe and the newest rumors over friends, acquaintances and personalities of the public life is exchange and remains one of the most popular occupations in the orient.
Die Falkenjagd
So this last carpet could show also likewise a coffee in the city from todays Cairo, as well as a during the time from the osmanic empire.
Only the man, which this carpet tied knows really the truth.


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