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Pictures from the orient
Tell histories from about arabian nights.
Reading you enchant and immerse in the mysterious picture-world of the orient.


The bargaining around the price of a product is immediately after the comfortable talk and sit in one the numerous Coffees, by Schischa and tea until today one the dearest in the orient remained Occupations.
Fast you be seized by this fever and from the short gait over the bazaar become hours.
The bazaar dealers are offering her products from many Countries about around the hole World, sometime in shops, so small that it appears incredibly that all this treasure things can find altogether a place there.
After closing time fast hands stow everything which is remaining again carefully at his place.
The window
Der Basar
On the bazaar everything is dealt, beside gold, silver, jewels, materials, clothes, spices or foods it gives also each quantity of gossip, the newest rumors and latest news over there.
Behind the simple walls of the houses reveal oasises of the quiet themselves and show often a splendor, which one there so not would suppose.
Shadow donating columnkapitells, Datepalms and Sykkomoretrees load you for linger near water spending fountains.
The Harem
The womens of the house enjoy in the gardens, while maids and servants perform their work and do their service. Here you can show protected from heat, wind, sand and curious looks undisguised, who really the trouserss has on in house.
The chambers of the women are on the most magnificent equipped with noble marble, brocade materials, gleaming gold and noble glaziers. Soft pillows on comfortable Cheselounges take care for snugness.
The hunt with the falcon is a popular pastime of the men. In the oasises of the desert there are amply animals for hunting . Subsequently and recovered the men sunk itself exhausts on his bed with seasoned coffee and sweeten foods.
In the evening after work is done the family are told very old exciting histories, during the meals whould prepare and devours. If all the lights are deleted, rest sweeps .


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