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The oriental kitchen


Foul Pastry
Pitta Bread
Mezze - Appetizers
Tahina - Sesam Cream
Ta'amia or Falafel
Shish Kebab
Halaowa - Desserts
Sharabat - Drinks
Fresh Limoon
Arabic coffee


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Khubz (Eish Shami)
( Pitta-Bread )



15 g fresh or 7g dry yeast
275 ccm Water
A little bit Sugar
500 g strong flour
1/2 Teaspoon Salt


Dissolve the yeast in 100 ccm warm water. Add a little bit sugar and put it on a warm place for 10 minutes if give bubbles. give the flour through a sieve in to a warm bowl and put the yeastmix over it. Mix it with your hands and add from time to time the water. Make a strong dough and knead it 15 minutes if he whould be elastic and do not longer adhere to your fingers. If you want a soft bread add 1 to 2 teaspoons oil. Give oil in a bowl and spin the dumlingdough in it, so it can not dry out. Cover the bowl with a humid cloth. Give it to a warm place with no cold wind over 2 hours the dough can become a double size. Knead it again some minutes.
Make dumplings in size like potatoes and build flat cakes 5 milimeters thick on a board with flour. Give flour over it and put it on a cloth and a cloth over it. Give it on awarm place for some minutes. Head the oven at highest phase about 20 minutes bevore and heat the plate more than 10 minutes with oil on it. Give the breads on the heated plates and put directly some water on it. Bake it from 6 to 10 minutes and dont open the oven in tis time. The Bread must look like Balloons when its ready. It must be softnes and white to light gold-brown color.

This bread you can serve to all kind of food. In the middle east they take it instead of knife and fork. They break a peace and dipp all eat with it. You can prepaire a burger with it if you make it half and put meat, tomatao, slat and tahina in it. You can take it for barbeque too.



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Tahina is very popular in the middle east in various recipes.


1-3 pieces garlic or 1 teaspoon garlicsalt
Juice from 2 lemons (like taste)
150 ccm Tahina
150g yogurt
and if you want
a little bit pepper and paprika
1-2 tablespoon parsley hacked to garnish


Crush the garlic wit the salt and mixit in with the Tahina Put in now the yogurt by permanent moving. (You can take some electric mixer)
Flavour it with some pepper and if you want paprica as you like. Garnish with parsley and serve it in an dish. Server arabic flat Bread with this Tahina Creme (Maybe some other bread) Or serve it with grilled meat or some salat.

Tahina It is a appetizer an whould served with bread. You break the bread and dip it in. Tahina is a creme from sesam-flour and oil. You find it in greece, turkish, arabic and oriantal shops.



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Hummus (Peas)
These hard round corn colors peas, which are earthy in the taste, suit for endlessly many Courts. Processed to Pulp present it an excellent basis for a Tahina - cream or a soup with meat. It match wonderfully with chickens, meat and feets from calf or also as Snack. With rice or vermicelli mixed or in a Stew for Couscus yield a particular taste.
Hummus bi Tahina


4 to 6 oz Giggle Peas (soak over night)
Juice of 2-3 lemons
2-3 Garlic toes
5 oz Tahina-Paste

1 Tablespoon Oliveoil
1 Teaspoon Paprica
1 Tablespoon finely chopped parsley


Brine the soaked Giggle Peas approx. one hour in boiling water, until they are soft. If water pour off ( preserve) and a couple whole peas to that trim pick up. The remainder through a sieve press or trample in a mortar, the best however in an electric blender. In this case concede the lemon juice and some water immediately. The remaining ingredients add and stir to a creamy paste. Add More water, if necessary. If you stir by hand, first the garlic with salt trample, to become crushed Giggle Peas give and mix well. Slowly the@Tahina - paste add, then the Lemmonjuice. Stir Well. Possibly add some water, until the mass has the consistency like a creamy mayonnaise. Thereby constantly if necessary try still more lemon juice, salt or garlic to concede.

This is an court, which were served traditionally since centuries on the same manner.
Give the Cream in a bowl and scatter some with olive oil mixed red paprica over it. Trim with chopped parsley, sprinkle with some peas in a decorative pattern. Serve as Dip with Arabic bread or pitta.

Variation: An other rather sharp version emerges through the application of Cayenne - pepper instead of paprica. Somewhat of it mixed in the cream, over it scattered or alternately with ground caraway.



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Tamaia or Falafel

This is one of Egypts national foods and whould be served by breakfast, lunch or dinner.


500g dry white Beans (Ful nabed)
2 red spanish onions
2 big pieces garlic (hacked)
1 bunch parsley hacked
1-2 teaspoons grindet caraway
1-2 teaspoons grindet coriander
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
Oil to bake it


At best buy the beans pulled ready in some greece or arabic shops.

The beans must stay in cold water for a time of 24 hours. (If not ready pull them first)
Put them out of water and hack them very short. (Better take some maschine)
Mix in the onions, garlic, parsley, caraway, coriander, baking powder and salt. Cayenne pepper for season.
Make an soft dough from it. To do it faster take some maschine.
After this let sth alone the season 30 minutes.
Make dumplings in size like potatoes and put them in heatet oil after 15 minutes for some time. They are ready when they looks gold-brown like hamburgers.
Serve them heat with tomatosalat, tahina cream or Baba Ghanoush (Tahina mixed with Auberginchream).

You can take also 15g fresh dry yeast (7g dry yeast-powder) if you have no baking powder.

The Falafel is baked in oil, prepared with fine spices and served heat. Nobody knows today from who it comes and at which time it was maked at first so much time is gone since this time. Egypts Christian copts served it by some religious fests and in time of Lent if no meat can be eat. But you can fill it also with some lamb-meat.



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Shish Kebab
The translation for Kebab is meat.
Shish Kebab is an very popular food in Egypt. Its grilled meat from lamb or cow prepared with different barbecue sauces
You find here 2 different sauces for preparing 1 Kg leg from lamb or fillet from cow.

Ingredients 1

150 ccm Olive oil
Juice from one Lemmon
2 hacked and pressed onions
2 pieces laurel cutted in little pieces
2 teaspoon Oregano dry
2 tomatoes passed
Black Pepper


Mix all Ingredients in an dish. Cut the meat to cubes and let it be more than 2 hours (better longer) in this sauce.
Do the meat than over an skewer.
You can prepar it over an coal or electrical grill. The meat must be crispy and brown but inside tender and light pink. Grill it only 7 to 10 minutes and dont forget spin it around all sides.

Ingredients 2

150 ccm Olive Oil
Juice from 2 onions
1 TL grindet cinnamon
Black Pepper


Prepare it like written over there.
Serve the grilled meat over some haked parsley. Serve it with rice or Pitta - Bread.



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macaroni - noodle, rice and lenses With spicy tomatoes - sauce



For 3-4 persons
Cup of small macaroni noodles
1 cup of rice (Uncooked) and after pleasure some nature rice
Cup of lentils

For the sauce
1 tablespoons olive oil
3 to 5 toes garlic.
10 oz can tomatoes for the sauce or 4 oz finished tomatoes - sauce
4 oz water
2 tablespoons vinegar.
2 mediumum-sized - Onions


Soak the lentils in water, and after that cook along with the rice in a closed pot with water. Then cook on lower heat so the water almost completely by the lenses was taken in and are away. If necessary add some water more. Cook them softly.
(You can cook lenses and rice also separately if you want)
Simultaneously cook the macaroni at this time.

For the sauce
Process the entire content of the can tomatoes in a kitchen machine to a pulp, with peppers and after choose paprica and some Tabasco season. Or use you a finished mixture which it standard prepare.
The garlic peel, crush or grind and at moderate heat in the half of the olive oil like brown golden colour.
Now add the tomato sauce and heat 10 to 15 minutes (not cook), thereby again and again stir around.
Add now the water and the vinegar. Shortly boiling and take from the cook place. Season with some salt.

Cut the onions in small pieces or rings and roast them in a pan in the remaining olive oil at moderate heat, until they have a golden brown colour and they are crisp.

Give now the lentils with the rice on a plate.
The macaroni over it distribute.
(As one stratifies can vary choose noodles, rice and lenses one after)
Now from the pan the roasted onions with the oil over it distribute. After that likewise the still warm sauce in the quantity after choose over it distribute and serve the whole.

Koshari is a popular Egyptian plain cooking. In Cairo you can buy it in small restaurants and devour on the street from a paste goblet. The individual components are stacked up, roasted onion pieces and tomato sauce over it given.
Eaten becomes with a spoon.
The court suits well for a fast food. The ingredients can be prepare before and hold up to the consumption well warmly.
The court tastes warmly or also coldly especially



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In time when Muslims celebrate the Ramadan some bakers in Egypt offers some special food named Konafa. Near some bakery you can see a special maschine .
Out of an funnel there comes an very soft dough in some thin lines. It comes on to an hot round rotating tin-plate with a gas flame under it.
If its ready it goes in some big dish and looks like spaghetty.
With this you can prepare Konafa. It is some special sweet in Egypt and the middle east.

Buy the Konafa dough in some greece shops.
Give the dough through an sieve on some tin-plate who lies on some flame or cooker. Get them quick away - not baked.



500 g Konafa - dough
250 g Butter - no salt

For the Sirup
250 g sugar
150 ccm Water
1 tablespoon lemmonjuice
1 tablespoon water from orangeflowers

For fill
250 g pistachios or walnuts hacked
2 tablespoons sugar


Preparation of the Sirup:

Mix the sugar, the water and the lemmonjuice by middle heat on the cooker. Let it boil some time so the sirup would be thick an if you put some spoon in it be on the spoon. Give now the orangeflowers-Water in and cook it 2 minutes more.
Wait some time and its cold enough do it in the refrigerator to cool it.

Preparing the fill

Mix the hacked pistachios or walnuts with the sugar.
Do the Konafa in some dish and make it loose. Give now the melted butter over it and work it careful in so all konafa is with butter over it.
Give now the half of the dough in some high tin-plate and over it the pistachios / Walnut - sugar mix. Give now the rest of the konafa over it.
Backe it in heated Oven by 160 - 180 degree Celsius 45 minutes, then make higher temperature like 220 to 230 degree Celsius. Its ready If it is Yellow - gold baked.
Get it out of the oven and give directly the sirup over it.

Serve heat or cold.



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Fresh Limoon
( A fresh Drink from Egypt )


for every cup (0,2 l)
1 - 2 Limetts
2 tablespoons shugar (or as you like more)
cold water
A little bit milk (must not be but is flavourfully)
A electrical cocktailmixer


Give the washed limetts, the shugar and if your mixer do it some peaces ice in to the machine and mix it to a pap. Add the water in. Milk ( if you want ) mix it more, it is ready if foam is on it, give it through a sieve and serve it cold.

This nice Drink i found in Egypt, you become it there in every Restaurant and by Egyptians at home.



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Arabic (Turkish) coffee
In Oriental countries coffee is an dessert. Its different to Europe or US to prepare him. They prepare him in little vessels of copper, brass or aluminium, called "Tanaka" direktly over an gas or oilflame. The coffee whould be cooked and flavoured.


EACH PERSON (one espresso-cup)
1 high filled teaspoon very thin grindet
1 teaspoon sugar ( much as you like )
A little bit more as one espresso-cup of fresh water ( the water less by cooking )
A little bit of grindet cardamon


Put all ingredencies in the Tanaka (saucepan) and do it over the heated cooker and wait if cooks.
Sometime the coffee cumes up as foam, take the Tanaka a short time away from heat if it goes down. If it is down heat it again if foam comes.
epeat this procedure 3 times, than serve it directly in to the cups. Give in all cups some foam and batch, wait some time the batch goes down the bottom, than drink.

If you have no "Tanaka" in your kitchen you can take some little saucepan.
To serve the coffee its better to get some little espresso- or mokka-cups In this kind of coffee no milc or chream comes in but its also not heavy for your health. Grindet cardamon you becam in every shop for spices, bakerys take it for some spiced cakes.



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