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El Ahzaar Moschee Kairo

The Al Ahzaar Mosc in Cairo (oldest islamic University)


The arabic word "ISLAM" means "I subdue me the will of Good"
The name for the people in this religion is moslem
More than 1 billion people are being today by the Islam.
The Holy Book like the Bible by Christians is the holy Coran. In the Coran contains the controls of the islamic religion. This controls contain all fields of life.
Muslims obey the instructions of the great Islamic prophets, they are sendet directly by Good. There are Mose Jesus and Mohammed.
The moslemic religion tells, that Mohammed is the finaly from Good sendet Prophet and the greatest of all. But Mohammed is not like a Good by self.
For Muslims the Coran is the disclose of from Allah self between Mohammed sendet Words.
The Coran would be instructed in the original language, in arabic. This is in all countries the same.
The Islam has five princips he stand on. It is the obligation of ervery Muslim to live his life for this princips.

The five principicals of the Islam

The first tells, that everybody can be a moslem, who public tells at witnes the creed of Islam, Shahada. The words of the Shahada : " It gives only one Good and no good near Allah and Mohammed is his Prophet

The seckond is the prayer "Salat", who is to do every day for five times. Beliving Muslims are pray in the morning, at noon, at afternoon, when the Sun goes down and by night. Bevore there is to wash the Head, the face, the arms and feet. This ritual washing is named Wudu and is for be pure. After this the Muslim not to do allowed impuity things (look at wives and so on) bevore he has end to pray.
The Muezzin (Cryer to pray) crys to all times for praying from the Minarett of the mosque the Muslims to come to pray.
There is no regulation for the place to pray, he can do it also in front of the mosque They are praying with her Eyes to Mekka, the holy City who the Prophet Mohammed was born.

The third is the binding to help everybody who needs helping. The word for This binding for charity is Zakat.
Poor people are seeing as vicitim of circumstances and not as an burden of all people. The Islam teachs, the giving of food, clothes, money or friendly words so sharing with indigent people is helpful to Allah and the dignity of all people.

The fourth is the obligation to fast in the month of Ramadan. His name is Sawm.

The fifth is the pilgrimtravel to Mekka. Every moslem want to do one time in his life the Hadsch. This is the name of this travel to Mekka, this is a forbidden city for people who be not beliver by the Islam.
For people who are rich enough to go to the Hadsch is it a obligation but also poor people gets big sacrifices to do the Hadsch. He walk around the holy Kaaba in Mekka and touched with his lips the black meteoritstone who is fixed in the Kaaba. A moslem who have done this can now take the name Hadschi in to his name. In his City he has now a great reputation and as symbol for this he can wear now an white hood on his Head.

Laws and Forbiddnes

Muslims are following the doctrine of the Coran and the Sunna. Sunna means habit and is the exemplary kind of life of Mohammed. He lifes the revealing of the Coran. Coran and Sunna are a binding codex for all Muslims for moral, and ethic. .
This Codex is the fundament for the Sari'a, the Islamic law. In Coran and Sunna you find all details about the meaning from Halal (unlawful) and Haram (forbidden).
In Coran and Sunna you find some regulation for all kind of the daily life like nourishment, clothing, Family, Holidays, marriage, Buissenes, social comunication and some more The ideas about Halal and Haram by Muslems are very exacting. They think this principes of way of live comes directly from Allah and the meaning for life is very important.


From an beliefing difference about the real leader for all Muslims in the Year 661 results a partition in 3 groups of Muslims, the Sunits, the Schiits and the Charidchiids. Today are 92 procent of all Muslims are Sunnits. They are following the Sunna who is the second book of religion after the Coren for them. The way of life Mohammeds is the only measuring of the disclosins understanding The Schiits are 7,5 procent of all Muslims. The meaning of them is that only the directly descandants of Mohammed are authorized to be an Iman (leader of belief)
The direct inheritance to Mohammed was his daughters husband Ali. From this come the other name for Schiits Schi'at Ali (supporter of Ali).

For people from mostly christian Countries it is hard to understand the Muslims World. Religion is in the countries of te west today not so significant.
In different the Islamic religion today is very significant for an Muslims life. For every moslem the lays of Islam an truth telled from Allah and this is the reasen that all people must life by this princips they be Muslims or not.

The Muslims Life

The Family is the middle of life for an moslem. The Traditional Muslemic family has many members who keeps together very good.
Its normal to life with many relations in one House or in one Flat. All relations stand together by work and in the houshold and all celebrations whould be take also together
In the muslemic society everytime Childs standing in the middle ant they are present at every aktivity. Late at night you can see Childs in every age at partys in Restaurants and so on in the middle of her family.

Important celebrations

The importanst events in the Islam are Ramadan, Eid el-Fitr and Eid el-Adaha.
The Carlendar of the Islam begins with the time Mohammed goes out of Medina at 622 bw. Chr., Our Year 2000 is now the Islamic Year 1421/1422.
The time of all events different from Yerar to Year, the Islamic Carlendar goes like the Mooncarlendar.


The Ramadan is the holy Month in the islamic Carlendar.
In this Month Mohammed becam the reveal from Good. To heed the Ramadan is one of the 5 Princips of the Islam
In Ramadan the Muslims must be heed the time of religious lent from the morning when the Sun comes to the evening the sun goes down. it is forbidden to eat or to drink. Only old, sick or pregnancy people and breast-feedet Mothers and Babys. A greeting in this time is "Ramadan Karim" Ramadan is gracious.
If You travel to to moslemic Countries by Ramadan be consideration to the people who do the religious lent. Restaurants and Shops can be closed at this time, the life in the Cities and Towns goes slowly in this time.

Harald Gardener © January 1998

Gravemosc of Qait bay

Mosaic like a Mandala at the top of the Prayroom of the Gravemosc from the Qait bay (Mameluks King)


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