Lydia Tzigane

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Lydia Tzigane lives in Sharjah, a city in the United Arabic Emirates and performs mostly in Dubai.

Since 1984 she has espoused the oriental dance and has shown her knowledge of art already in many of the large hotels of the middle east.

A long time she has a dream, to become a dancer, if she has thought also initially sooner about a career in the ballet. Then however she got to know the oriental culture and and she love it. So she began to learn the oriental dance.

The feeling for this dance has gotten put Lydia well about her Origin, she is an Romanov Gipsy.
She began her dance-career in Egypt and the persons there pleased here dancestyle and work so well, that she was booked more and more for appearances, and from there she got more and more bookings and contracts.
There followed firm engagements in many important hotels of the middle east. Lydia Tzigane has found her own style.

She says over herself:
"I love it because it is a free form of dancing ,there are some rules and basics ,but every dancer can put her own soul and fire in it,to make it special for her and her liking,that is why i like it you can grow and learn every day in this dancing,put more wood on the fire and the flames becomes bigger. It never stops, it is a beautiful artform, and fills your soul."
"Tahaya Karyoka,told me when i met her in Egypt,to stay as i was ,not to copy any other dancer and to became my own identety, so people would remember me,with my own style,that is what i never forgot,and it worked!! people always tell me --you are different-- It was a good advice."

Contact :

Lydia Tzigane
25920 Sharjah
Zaroonistreet 14
United Arabic Emirates
Phone: 971.6.7660297


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