Shekina Sehar

Shekina Sehar

Shekina Sehar dance since 1992
Shekina has danced since the age of three starting with Ballet, then experimenting with Hip Hop. She discovered Oriental Dance in 1992 and soon after started lessons with Sage, former member of the Hahbi\'Ru, ( San Francisco ) staying with her in the Diva Dance Theatre and Troupe Al-Ama. Wanting to explore movement she began Free Style Street Dance from Dolli Melain along with a modern dance course.She continued lessons with Saqra in Raks Sharki, and Bharatanatyam with Irena and Giovanna Leva. She has taken seminars by Aisha Ali, Hadia, Raqia Hassan, Saula and many more. In 2006 she journeyed to Turkey were she continues her study of dance.
Shekina is trained in many different styles of Middle Eastern Dance, from Egyptian, Turkish, Classical Oriental, Tribal and Folk. She has created a contemporary ethnic fusion of dances.

Shekina started performing in Middle Eastern restaurants early on but, her first important performance event was 1997 at the World Music Festival in California, USA. She went on to perform in many public events such as Fright Night, Victorian Christmas, Starz, and many others. In 2000 she performed for fashion designer Aremo. It. In 2002 she performed and gave workshops in Gira per la DiversitÓ, an international arts exchange, between Spain, Portugal, and Italy. She has performed for musician like Brothers of the Baladi, Evergreen Ensemble, Marzouk. Shekina has recently spent the past two years in America performing in Theater with musicians such as Helm and Blue Lotus while at the same time teaching.

Shekina Sehar (Turkey)
Shekina Sehar (CASSANDRA)

Shekina Sehar over itself and her dance-like development:

Shekina is an international performer, instructor and choreographer with over fifteen years of Oriental Dance experience.She has traveled extensively though out Europe and Asia, studying Bharatanatyam in India and Oriental Dance in Turkey. For the past eight she has been teaching, performing, learning and organizing events in Italy and America. Her combined experiences are incorporated in her teaching and performing style.

Shekina Sehar


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