Selina-Yasira dance since 1998
Her teachers were among other Leyla Nahrawess, Issam Abo El Nasr, Elisabet Tsintsiou, Sofia Peraia and Nema from ThessalonikiIch. She continues education regularly with known lecturers

Classic Oriental dance, Veils, Isis Wings, Sword-dance, candle-dance, modern Baladi, trum-solo... only some dances and dance-styles that she can perform.
Attention became she through long-time appearances in the Kedroi tou Libanon in the Thaj Mahal in Agia Triada and in the Cafe Istanbul in North-Greece.


Selina-Yasira over itself and her dance-like development:

Since my childhood, I devote time to the topic sport and dance. 1993 in the age from 32 years, I have myself a dream, fills, and and opened an own sport and fitness-Center in Greece. I am over several titles and matches in the fitness-area meets then my trainer and first teacher Tsintsiou, which still accompanies me as a friend, and has mediated me the love to the dance.
Today, I live in Germany again and dance in mainly private Events in the area Baden Wuerttemberg.

Selina-Yasira Mundelsheim 2007

Contact :

Ursula Minasidis
Wollreffenweg 97
D 74613 Oehringen
Phone: +49-7941 909986
Mobile: +49-1623899214

Selina-Yasira Silvester


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