She learns the oriental dance at the end of the 8. decade by an lybian Dancer. She takes many workshops and some time she operates her own dancestdio near the city Duesseldorf Germany. In 1996 she leave Germany and go to Egypt.
In Hurghada at the red sea she worked then some time in some Hotels.

In 1997 Mischou dance by the ensamble of Hoda Ebrahem as a solodancer for the time Hoda became her second Baby and can not dance by herself.
Hoda gife her a good education and Mischou would be a very good dancer.
But in 1997 she must stop the proffessional dancing, so no Tourists visitet in this time Egypt after the desaster at the temple of Hatschepsut.

In the meantime she lives with her family again in Germany and dances only still to the private pleasures and for here husband



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