Joanna dances since 1995
She had many different teachers and the Egyptian master Issam Abo El Nasr

Raks Sharki, Stick-dance, Veil-dance, light-dance, Isis Wings, Greek Tsifteteli, Dances with Pois, Folc ... the dances and dance-styles, which she masters.
On numerous private events she already showed her proficiency.


Joanna over herself and her dance-like development:

As born Greek I have music with the mother's milk lifted and my first dance-steps learned already in the age of 3 years. Music and dance have accompanied me my whole life.
With the Oriental music I already came as small girl in touch and their Fascination has never leave me. I took in the course of the years with many different teachers Oriental dance-instruction and with my present-day Egyptian teachers I learn dance with feeling, expression and authenticity.



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