Nafissa & Selim (Casa Silvana)

Nafissa und Selim


  • Name of the artist
    Nafissa (Mutterseele)
  • Name (origin)
    Nadine Nefise Lenz
  • City
    Lahnstraße 73, 56130 Bad Ems
  • The best to reach
    Phone. +49-(0)2603-505 499
  • internet
  • Sign of the zodiac
    Scale in virgin

  • About her as dancer

  • Ausbildung bei
    the source of here dance she has in the Turkish folklore, the oriental Dance she discovered with Sultana, in Wiesbaden, after that advanced training by Dalal, Reyhan, Manis and others, since 1 year principal of the institute for Mental live, CASA SILVANA. After a pedagogical and a therapeutic education she is now Diploma social worker (FH).

  • Preferred style
    Veils technology, otherwise I ilike the different original Dancestyles of the oriental dance with all Requisites: Sword, to combine stick etc. and to form imaginative experimental Theatre like Nafissa.

  • Activities
    Single - and groups choreography, Appearances, instruction - also different process for the relaxation, once in the year large benefit - Dancetheatre in the Cure theaters of bath Ems with personally written story.


  • Other

    My family: Husband and 2 children

  • Over her as person

  • Which she likes
    With the own doing the ones support, them who have no chance .

  • What likes she not
    Dishonesty, injustice


  • Name of the artist
    Selim (it long, greater )
  • Name (origin)
    Stefan-A. Lenz
  • WCity
    Lahnstraße 73, 56130 Bad Ems
  • The best to reach
    Phone +49-(0)2603-505 499,
  • internet
  • Sign of the zodiac
    Aqarius in Saggitarius
  • About him as musician

  • Education at
    as guitarist and singer He got to know emphases in Folc/jazz/Flamenco Nafissa and came so to the oriental music and to the drum. In diverse Workshops e.g. with Bruno Assenmacher and Roland, as well as private study he developed to the oriental drummer. In his Compositions to them Nafissa also dance, he joins his different musical Influences to his own style. Already within he study the business management he has the emphasis Education.

  • Preferred style
    Arabic/andalusian style

  • Activities
    Appearances (as drummer, guitarist, singer and storyteller), instruction in guitar, oriental drum, Rhythm doctrine for oriental dancers


  • Other

    My family: Wife and 2 children

  • Over him as person

  • Which he likes
    Fairnis with each other - music, music, music .....
    them who have no chance .

  • What he not like t
    Injustice, arrogance


Institute for Mental live
Lahnstr. 73
D-56130 Bad Ems
Phone : +49-(0)2603-505499
Fax : +49-(0)2603-505498


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